Welcome to JBX group

The group is formed by qualified professionals with a strong presence in the national market.
JBX has a great concern in capturing the best workforce within the profile requested by our Clients, thereby adding value to its cost x benefits. We work in accordance with the rules of the labor laws.
We assume full responsibility for this important work, from the capacitation of vacancies to the final choice of the candidate for hiring, seeking qualified labor in the market and establishing a relationship of quality, commitment and respect with the Candidates.

Our goal is to serve you in the short term, with quality, competence and professionalism and ensure greater convenience and time for our customers.
Our mission is to serve our customers with agility, ethics and quality, offering the best and most innovative labor services in the area of human resource allocation to meet the needs of our customers adding value to your business.
Our vision is to be among the best companies in our segment and to be consolidated as a national reference.
Our values are to contribute through our services to an egalitarian society, to value human assets as our greatest value. Promote a movement for integrate our partnerships. To act with ethics, transparency and mutual respect among all our processes.

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Company name Corporate number 0200-01-134078
Trade name JBX Group Inc.
Head Office 1-203, 1-2-2 Hamacho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
How to make a public announcement To be published in the official gazette
Date of establishment of the company   December 11, 1st year of 2019
Purpose 1. Worker dispatching business and staffing business
2. Paid employment placement business.
3. Business contract on the factory premises.
4. Sale of antiques.
5. Rent car business.
6. Management of hotels, inns, simple accommodation facilities, dormitories and guest houses.
7. Travel industry, travel agency business and travel service arrangement business.
8. Restaurant business.
9. Leasing, management, sales and brokerage of real estate.
10. All business incidental to the preceding items
Total number of authorized shares 10,000 shares
Total number and type and number of issued shares 3500 total number of issued shares
Capital 35 million yen

Number of employees 10
Dispatch manager 3 in Kanagawa 3 in Okinawa
Recruitment manager 3 in Kanagawa 3 in Okinawa
Dispatch personnel 817
Main customers Kariyushi wear Asatoya
Main trading banks Kawasaki Shinkin Bank / Okinawa Bank
Affiliated company NY Electric Co., Ltd.
Company history December 2019 Established jbx
March 2020 General acquisition
April 2020 Start of temporary staffing Introduction of 65 people
Matters concerning officers Namie Miyajima